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Dr. J S R Prasad

Dr. J S R Prasad
Friday, August 1, 1975
8 Years, 10 Months, 8 Days.
18 Years, 4 Months, 10 Days.
Civil Engineering
Full Time
A Seismic Risk Assessment Methodology based on Socio-Economic Chemistry of Urban Housing Stack, based on an Optimism Utilisation of High Resolution Satelite Data and Stratified Random Sample Survey. 
B.E (Civil Engineering, Andhra University), 1996
M.Tech (Earth Quake Engineering in Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Roorkee), 2003
Civil Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Roorkee
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Elements of Earthquake Engineering, Design of Steel Structures, Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Pavement Design, Disaster Management & Mitigation, Transportation Engineering

Journal Publications:

  1. J.S.R. Prasad, Yogendra Singh, Dominik H. Lang and Rajesh Deoliya, “An Analytical Study on the Seismic Vulnerability of Masonry Buildings in India”, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, Vol. 17, Issue 3, pp. 399-422, 2013. (ISSN: 1559-808X, DOI:10.1080/13632469.2012.746210, Scopus Indexed, Impact Factor-1.48)
  2. J.S.R. Prasad, Dominik H. Lang and Yogendra Singh, “Comparing Empirical and Analytical Estimates of Earthquake Loss Assessment Studies for the City of Dehradun, India", Earthquake Spectra, Vol. 28, Issue 2, pp. 595-619, 2012. (ISSN: 8755- 2930, DOI: 10.1193/1.4000004, Scopus Indexed, Impact Factor-1.079)
  3. Pankaj S Patil, Yogendra Singh, J.S.R. Prasad, and Ratnesh Kumar, “Seismic Performance and Vulnerability Assessment of URM School Buildings in Uttarakhand”, The IUP Journal of Structural Engineering, Vol. 3, Issue 2, pp. 7-21, 2010. (ISSN: 0974-6528)
  4. J.S.R. Prasad, Yogendra Singh, Amir M. Kayina, and Conrad Lindholm, “Socio-Economic Clustering in Seismic Risk Assessment of Urban Housing Stock”, Earthquake Spectra, Vol. 25, Issue 3, pp. 619-641, 2009. (ISSN: 8755- 2930, DOI: 10.1193/1.3158 547, Scopus Indexed, Impact Factor-2.866).
  5. Venu Malagavelli, Srinivas Angadi and J S R Prasad , “Influence of Metakaolin in Concrete as Partial Replacement of Cement”, International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, Volume 9, Issue 7, July 2018, pp. 105–111(ISSN (P): 0976-6308 and ISSN (O): 0976-6316, Scopus Indexed)

Conference Publications:

  1. Srinivas Angadi, Selvaprakash and J. S. R. Prasad, “Effectiveness of Using Recycled Coarse Aggregates (RCA) in Making High Strength Concrete”, International conference on science, technology, engineering & management, Guntur, India, 7 – 8  Apr. 2017.
  2. D.H. Lang, M.I. Verbicaro, Y. Singh, J.S.R Prasad, D. Wong Diaz and M. Gutiérrez, “Structural and Non-structural Seismic Vulnerability Assessment for Schools and Hospitals based on Questionnaire Surveys: Case Studies in Central America and India”, U.S. National and Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Toronto, Canada, 25 – 29 July, 2010. (ISBN: 9781617388446)
  3. J.S.R. Prasad, Yongedra Singh, Amir M. Kaynia, and Cornrad Lindholm, “Seismic Risk Assessment of Dehradun City Using MKS and PSI Intensity Scales, Proceedings Thirteenth Symposium on  Earthquake Engineering, DEQ, Roorkee, India, pp. 287-294, Dec. 2006.
  4. J.S.R. Prasad, Yogendra Singh, Amir M. Kaynia and Conrad Lindholm, “Socio-Economic Clustering in Seismic Risk Estimation of Dehradun City,” First India Disaster Management Congress – IDMC 2006, Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, India, paper no. A1/25, 29 – 30 Nov. 2006.
  5. J.S.R. Prasad and Yogendra Singh, “Socio-Economic Clustering in Database for Seismic Risk Evaluation”, Indo-Norwegian Workshop on Seismic Hazard and Risk Assessment, New Delhi, India, 18 - 19 Mar. 2006.
  6. J.S.R. Prasad, Yogendra Singh, Amir M. Kaynia and Conrad Lindholm, “Seismic Risk Assessment of Dehradun City,” Indo-Norwegian Workshop on Seismic Hazard and Risk Assessment, New Delhi, India, 18 – 19 Mar. 2006.
  7. J.S.R. Prasad, Y. Singh, R. Deoliya, and M.V. Ravi Babu, “Remote Sensing and GIS Application for Earthquake Risk Assessment of Rural Areas”, National Seminar on GIS Applications in Disaster Management, Hyderabad, India, 9 – 11 Mar. 2004.

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