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    Department of Aeronautical Engineering
  Aero Propulsion Lab
  Aerodynamics Lab
  Aircraft Structures Lab
 Dynamics Lab
     Mathematics Lab
  Structures Lab
  Flight Simulation Lab
    Department of Civil Engineering
  Advanced Concrete Lab
  Concrete & Highway
Materials Lab
  Computer Aided Drafting
( CAD ) of Buildings Lab
  Engineering Geology Lab
    Engineering Lab
  Engineering Lab
  Surveying Lab
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  Case Tools and
Web Technologies Lab
  Data Science Lab
  Design and Analysis
of Algorithms Lab
  Database Management
System Lab
  Operating Systems Lab
  Web Technologies Lab
    Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
  Analog Communication lab
  CADENCE Digital
System Design Lab
  Digital Logic Design Lab
  Digital Signal
Processing Lab
  N.I. Lab View Academy
  Electric Circuits Lab
  Electronic Devices & Circuits
Lab / Electronic Circuits
& Pulse Circuits Lab
  Embedded System Lab
  IC Application and
  HDL Simulation Lab
  Microprocessor and
   Interfacing Devices Lab
  Microwave Lab
    Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  AC Machines Lab
  Control Systems Lab
  DC Machines Lab
  Electrical Simulation Lab
  High Voltage
   Engineering Lab
  Power Electronics Lab
  Power Systems Lab
    Department of Freshman Engineering
  Advanced Communication
Skills Lab 1
  Advanced Communication
Skills Lab 2
   Mathematics Lab
  Computer Aided
   Drawing Practice Lab
  Engineering Physics Lab
  Engineering Chemistry Lab
  English Language
  Communication Skills Lab
    Department of Information Technology
  Analysis of Algorithm
and Object Oriented
Programming Through
Java Lab
  Computer Centre
  Leonard Bosack
Computer Networks Lab
  Vinod Dham Engineering
Practice IT Workshop 1
  Vinod Dham Engineering
Practice IT Workshop 2
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
  Additional Workshop
  Basic Workshop
  Heat Transfer Lab
  Machine Tools Lab
  Mechanics of Fluids &
Hydraulics Machines Lab
  Mechanics of Solids Lab 1
  Mechanics of Solids Lab 2
  Metallurgy and
  Instrumentation Lab
  Production Technology Lab
  Thermal Engineering Lab
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