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Campus Placements 2023 : AMAZON (10)    ||     EPAM (11)    ||     AMADEUS (2)    ||     JSW GROUP (2)    ||     SEARS (31)    ||     DBS Bank (13)    ||     ACCOLITE DIGITAL (3)    ||     VIRTUSA (126)    ||     LUMEN (4)    ||     TCS (63)    ||     TASL (3)    ||     TATA TECHNOLOGIES (6)    ||     HEXAWARE TECHNOLOGIES (7)    ||     LEGATO HEALTH (5)    ||     DXC TECHNOLOGY (219)    ||     TVARANA (4)    ||     MPHASIS (4)    ||     YAMAHA (20)    ||     ACCENTURE (216)    ||     ERNST & YOUNG (38)    ||     COGNIZANT (131)    ||     LTI (51)    ||     TECH MAHINDRA (5)    ||     DELTAX (1)    ||     SMARTSOC SOLUTIONS (1)    ||     BYTERIDGE (1)    ||     TECHNOVERT (6)    ||     QUEST GLOBAL (4)    ||     VERZEO (5)    ||     CES IT (5)    ||    
It is a matter of great pride that the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (IARE) is ranked one among the Top 200 best Engineering colleges as per NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework), Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt. of India since 2017.

Student Clubs

Academic grades are imperative for job applications and career success, many employers are also looking for well-rounded candidates with demonstrated participation in extra-curricular activities. IARE provide students with both academic and non-academic clubs, to promote personal and professional development. 

“Participation in the work of various clubs on campus provides students an opportunity to acquire leadership, planning, and social skills that are important for successful living.”


IARE not only provides career opportunities to students but also improves them with personal and social skills, enhancing the overall collegiate experience. clubs and extra-curricular activities are “extremely important in helping students develop lifelong good working habits which hone their communication skills and foster creative thinking. Students can learn valuable character traits such as pride and productivity and also work as part of a team towards a common goal.

In addition to helping foster practical skills such as time management, leadership, and responsibility, extra-curricular activities allow students to “test the waters” and explore new areas of interest. Additionally, successfully balancing the time commitments involved in participating in clubs with those necessary to maintain good grades helps prepare students for balancing the demands of a career, family and other life obligations.

List of Clubs @ IARE

Club of Fine Arts

The Art Club allows students with a shared interest in art to gather and create art. Students explore different arts such as pot painting, Poster making, best of waste, Nail art, mehndi, vegetable carving, T-shirt painting and etc. These art schemes provide platforms for students to enhance their creativity and self-expression, and to gain a greater understanding of concepts and ideas in art.

To add on to their art education experience, events and competitions are organised to raise students’ awareness about art in and around the colleges. In addition, they get to view original artworks up close as they acquire art vocabulary to express their opinions on art.


  • Initiate regular conversations, and events regarding pieces of artwork.
  • Educating people in the various styles and forms of art.
  • Finding budding artists and helping them hone their skills.

Club of Dance (Pulgs)

IARE Plugs club objective is to boost up the morale of students and to highlight the talent of dance and creativity. It provides opportunities to dance lovers to prove their talent and it is a good platform for them to have their artistic exploration. Plugs Club helps to polish the dancing skills of Students and can develop an ability of team spirit, discipline and accountability among themselves. Plugs club helps the students to build their personality development and increase their level of performance.


  • To nurture the talent, celebrate the diversity and give expressions to the creativity of young minds.
  • To encourage the students to participate in various inter and intra college dance competitions.

Club of Music (Raphsody)

Music is one of the most powerful, and beautiful ways to express oneself. It is a field where people can explode with their thoughts and their inner most feelings. By inculcating love for music among students, college gives them an opportunity to participate in various competitions and musical program at various levels. The Raphsody club works throughout the year dedicatedly in various occasions like, Orientation Day, Cultural day, Annual day, Graduation Day, Parents meet, Independence Day, Republic Day, Commemorative day and on other such important landmark-festivities.


  • To identify budding artists and provide a foundation by recognizing and promoting their talent.
  • To encourage development of the creative, intuitive, and intellectual capabilities of students in music.

Club of Literary (Citadel)

Citadel is a platform to develop self-efficacy and confidence that would help students to enhance the general knowledge base. It works in tandem to benefit students in the disciplines of writing and speaking by conducting events that are both instructional and enjoyable to Sharpening the skills of presentation and logical thinking. It improves communication skills and teaches to think spontaneously.


  • To find people who love the worlds opened up by literature, and then form a community for them.
  • To inculcate a keen sense of language and appreciation for myriad literary expressions, forms and genres among students.
  • To encourage and sustain the habit of reading and consuming books.

Club of Photography and Film

Photography and Film club is a great way for students with a specific interest to explore their young minds with inner capabilities, through the visual medium of photography and films. students who are interested in photography are taught photography techniques to capture both awe and woe in the eye of the camera. Short films are also screened with the guidance of experts. This club enhances students’ creative skills in strengthening their pastime into a very useful habit.


  • To show the world what a camera, and sharp mind can achieve when they work together.
  • To Identify and encourage budding photographers, scriptwriters, and cinematographers.

Club of E-Designing and Marketing (E-DAM)

E-DAM show the roadmap to the students who don’t know where to start when they want to learn about a technology. E-DAM is a Technical Club work on different platforms like App development, Web development, Digital marketing, Content writers, graphic designers which provide service to clients according to their needs. Students gain experience by taking real-time projects to develop professional skills and build their careers.


  • To Spread the awareness about the effectiveness of social media management and educate people on the difference between an assertive online presence and a brazen one.
  • To develop personalized, efficient and secure applications and to transform the unique idea into a prosperous web project which combine technology and innovation under one roof.

Club of Women Empowerment

Empowering women in India is necessary to bring gender equality. Women empowerment is the vital tool for advancing development in the country. It also would help in reducing poverty by improving health, productivity within families as well as providing better chance to next generation. Equalizing the rights of women and men in the society improves work quality and thus economic status of nation.

WEC at IARE empower women in all spheres of life enabling them to become agents of social and economic change and inculcating ethical values for the betterment of self, family and society. Women Empowerment club promote gender sensitivity in the college and conduct diverse programmes to educate, sensitize both male and female members and produce harmonious atmosphere in the campus to make a safe place for women students. Women Empowerment Club aims at intellectual and social upliftment of the female students and staffs, the club stands for facilitating women’s empowerment through various awareness programmes and other welfare activities.


  • To Maintain and strengthen the status of women, creating awareness on women’s rights, and ensuring the safety and dignity of the female students, faculty, and staff.
  • To create a society free from all the prejudices and gender-based discrimination, and have space where students can explore their full potential.
  • To Identify strong leadership and change makers to build their capacity and maintain a dignified, congenial working environment for women employees and students, where they can work, study and explore their potential to the fullest.
  • To make them aware about the guidelines of Supreme Court and to ensure that sexual harassment is treated as an unacceptable social behavior within the institution and the society.
  • To highlight the importance of health and hygiene and to promote general well-being of female students, teaching and non-teaching women staff of the College.

Club of Foodies (Bakasura)

This Club aims to bring people together to eat, drink and be merry over a delicious meal. Club members experience new cultures through food, and provide gastronomic and foodies a channel to express and explore their passion.

“The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating.” - John Walters


  • To know about other foodies and their delicious recipes.
  • To make aware of new food cultures of different states with lip-smacking dishes.

Club of Compendium

The Compendium, News, and Publication Society was established with the goal of allowing students to publish their own achievements while also learning professional writing and reporting abilities. This group of reporters, writers, and designers provides students with essential practical experience in a safe atmosphere, allowing them to explore a variety of abilities and strengths they possess and to exhibit their accomplishments in the real world.


  • Publishing all the achievements of college (Student and management) annual magazine preparation.


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