Campus Facilities

Discussion  & Conference Rooms

Institute of Aeronautical Engineering provides its students exposure to national and international knowledge experts, through regular national and international seminars, conferences/symposia and workshops hosted on campus. It is with this view that a wide choice of modern conference facilities have been meticulously planned and incorporated into the campus.

Facility Capacity
Air-conditioned Auditorium 1000
Interview Rooms 9
Group Discussion Rooms 4
CSE Seminar Hall 140
IT Seminar Hall 140
ME Seminar Hall 150
AE Seminar Hall 150
EEE Seminar Hall 120
ECE Seminar Hall 120
CE  Seminar Hall 120
PAT Board Room 20


Institute of Aeronautical Engineering  has a well-structured auditorium built in 8000 square feet with latest provisions. Fully air-conditioned with a seating capacity of 1000, the auditorium is made keeping in view the modern requirements. It provides the right ambience for presentations and is spacious enough to accommodate large gatherings too.


The institute has an ideal cafeteria that takes utmost care in providing hygienic and wholesome food at subsidized rates. The cafeteria offers a wide range of cuisines like south Indian, north Indian and Chinese. Besides this, it also has fruit juice and fast food stalls. Students also enjoy the provision of popular food outlets like ‘Wings & Fries’, ‘Coffee Day’ and ‘Nestle’. The authorities take personal care in maintaining the quality of food served in the canteen.

Health Services

The Institute of Aeronautical Engineering Health Centre provides healthcare facilities to the students whenever required. Registered Doctors are called in case of emergency and a part time nurse is employed to render health services. All treatment, consultation & medicines including lab investigations are done free of cost for all students, staff & staff dependents.

Hostel Facility

Institute of Aeronautical Engineering has a home away from home for those students who come from various other states and city outskirts providing them the best amenities to make them feel at home. The students develop a sense of responsibility and learn to manage their life independently staying in hostels. They also develop qualities such as solidarity and comradeship having gained rich experience living in the hostels.

Sports and Gymnasium

Physical fitness plays an important role in developing the overall personality of a student since a physically balanced student is mentally balanced too. Institute of Aeronautical Engineering equally emphasizes the need to develop physical activities and encourages Sports and games making it an integral part of the curriculum. Various sports facility is provided to the students within the campus. Various sports competitions such as inter departmental, Inter collegiate, Inter University, etc help in developing team spirit among students. Their interpersonal relationship is enhanced a very healthy manner. Students are provided with honors like medals, trophies and certificates.

Following facilities are available for Games and Sports:

  • Cricket Ground, a Basket Ball Court, two Volley Ball Courts, two Badminton Courts, Four Table Tennis Tables (Indoor).
  • Gymnasium:
  • Institute of Aeronautical Engineering has a modern gym with latest imported equipment.
  • Computer centre
  • The Computer Centre houses powerful servers, which provide computational environment comprising of multiple operating systems - Microsoft Windows, Linux &Unix and can be accessed from any of the nodes attached to the servers across the campus.

The Department of Information Technology maintains an institutional membership in the MSDNAA. What this means for our students is that you have access (free of charge) to all the latest Microsoft development tools. You may check out the original CD's for the package you desire (24 hour checkout only), and you will be given a label with its activation code. You should immediately burn a copy of the CD(s), affix the label, and return the original CD to the department. We suggest you do that right in the IT department library using one of the PCs available there. That's all there is to it. You have a legal copy of the software that is yours to keep for as long as you wish.

Our students have unrestricted, round-the-clock access to air-conditioned computer laboratories equipped with structured fiber optic and UTP cabling network and other relevant software. The students are privileged to have access to our state-of-the-art computer laboratories, which are home to over 1081 computers (DELL, LENOVA & HP make), 12 servers, 104 printers and over 82 laptops (DELL, SAMSUNG and HP make) with a dedicated network. The Overall ratio of computers to students is nearly more than the number recommended.

The Computer laboratories are being upgraded from time to time to provide the best computational infrastructure.

Xerox & Stationery Shop

Being an IARE student, you have an easy access to all the stationery requirements. Xerox and stationery centre at the campus proves to be the utilitarian service at the campus, where study material, lecture notes, laboratory manuals, work sheets and other necessary equipments for experimental sessions are handy for purchase.

Pure & Hygienic Drinking Water

The entire IARE campus is connected with two RO water purifying plants, where students can access them at ease, in each floor. These are capable of giving an output of more than 1000 liters of water every hour, for students and staff members.

Free Wifi Zone

The students can avail a free Wi-Fi on their tablets, laptops and mobile devices, capable of wireless network, at the high tech IARE campus. The bliss of Free Wi-Fi zone serves you an all access card for learning process, an access to emails, laboratories and Intellect CMS login portal website. Happy Surfing!