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It is a matter of great pride that the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (IARE) is ranked one among the Top 200 best Engineering colleges as per NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework), Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt. of India since 2017.

Honours and Minor

An honour is the field in which a student focuses during the course of his/her degree. An Honours degree typically refers to a higher level of academic achievement in the major area. Minor is a secondary concentration of courses that often complements the honours. Minor are coherent sequences of courses which may be taken in addition to the courses required for the B.Tech degree.

Honours Certificate for Vertical in his/her OWN major for Research orientation; Minor in any OTHER branch for Improving Employability.

Only students having no credit arrears and a CGPA of 7.5 or above at the end of the fourth semester are eligible to register for B.Tech (Honours / Minor). After registering for the B.Tech (Honours / Minor) program, if a student fails in any course, s/he will not be eligible for B.Tech (Honours / Minor).


S.No  Course Code  Name of the Courses  Prerequisites  Credits
Eligibility: Major in Aeronautical Engineering
1 HAE001 Advanced Fluid Mechanics Basic Knowledge of Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics 3
2 HAE002 Advance Aircraft Maintenance Aircraft Production Technology and Maintenance 3
3 HAE003 Dynamical System and Control Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations 3
4 HAE004 Fundamentals of Compressible Flow Fluid Dynamics 3
5 HAE005 Computational Fluid Dynamics using Finite Volume Method Linear algebra, numerical methods, incompressible fluid mechanics 3
6 HAE006 UAV design part-II Introduction to Aerodynamics/Flight Mechanics 3
7 HAE007 International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) Laboratory - I Basic Programming Knowledge 2
8 HAE008 International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) Laboratory - II Basic Programming Knowledge 2
9 HAE009 Research Project Work 4


The minor has to be a subject offered by a department other than the department that offers the major of the student or it can be a different major offered by the same department. For example, a student with the declared major in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) may opt to do a minor in Physics; in which case, the student shall receive the degree B.Tech, Computer Science and Engineering with a minor in Physics.A student can do Majors in chosen filed as per the career goal, and a minor may be chosen to enhance the major thus adding the diversity, breadth and enhanced skills in the field.

Advantages of Minor in Engineering:

The minors mentioned above are having lots of advantages and a few are listed below:

To apply the inter-disciplinary knowledge gained through a Major (Stream) + Minor.
To enable students to pursue allied academic interest in contemporary areas.
To provide an academic mechanism for fulfilling multidisciplinary demands of industries.
To provide effective yet flexible options for students to achieve basic to intermediate level competence in the Minor area.
Provides an opportunity to students to become entrepreneurs and leaders by taking business/management minor.
Combination in the diverse fields of engineering e.g., CSE (Major) + Electronics (Minor) combination increases placement prospects                 in chip designing companies.
Provides an opportunity to Applicants to pursue higher studies in an inter-disciplinary field of study.
Provides opportunity to the Applicants to pursue interdisciplinary research.
To increase the overall scope of the undergraduate degrees.


S.No  Course Code  Name of the Courses  Prerequisites  Credits
Eligibility: Non Aeronautical Engineering Major
1 MAE001 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering Nil 3
2 MAE002 Space FlightMechanics Calculus of Multi- variables, Physics, Applied Mechanics 3
3 MAE003 Introduction to Composites Nil 3
4 MAE004 AircraftStructures-I Basic Solid Mechanics 3
5 MAE005 Foundation Of Computational Fluid Dynamics Nil 3
6 MAE006 Engineering Thermodynamics +2 Science 3
7 MAE007 Mini Project - 3
8 MAE008 Paper Publication - 2



S.No  Course Code  Name of the Courses  Prerequisites  Credits
Eligibility: Major in Aeronautical Engineering, Major in Mechanical Engineering
1 MAS001 Basics of Finite Element Analysis-I Engineering Mechanics, Strength of materials 3
2 MAS002 Theory of Elasticity Engineering Mechanics 3
3 MAS003 Engineering Fracture Mechanics Basic course on Strength of Materials. Course on Theory of Elasticity desirable 3
4 MAS004 Introduction to Mechanical Vibration Engineering Mechanics and Mathematics 3
5 MAS005 Fundamentals of Material Processing Mathematics ,Strength of Materials and Thermodynamics 3
6 MAS006 Structural Analysis of Nanomaterials Introduction to Solid Mechanics 3
7 MAS007 Mini Project - 3
8 MAS008 Paper Publication - 2



S.No  Course Code  Name of the Courses  Prerequisites  Credits
Eligibility: Major in Aeronautical Engineering
1 MSS001 Aircraft Propulsion Thermodynamics 3
2 MSS002 Fluid Machines Fluid Dynamics 3
3 MSS003 Heat Exchangers: Fundamentals and Design Analysis Thermodynamics 3
4 MSS004 Fundamentals of Convective Heat Transfer Thermodynamics 3
5 MSS005 Fundamentals of Conduction and Radiation Thermodynamics 3
6 MSS006 Solar Photovoltaic Fundamentals, Applications and Technology Thermodynamics 3
7 MSS007 Mini Project - 3
8 MSS008 Paper Publication - 2



S.No  Course Code  Name of the Courses  Prerequisites  Credits
Eligibility: Major in Aeronautical Engineering, Major in Mechanical Engineering
1 MCT001 Scientific Computing using MATLAB Basic Programming 3
2 MCT002 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics Basic Fluid Mechanics 3
3 MCT003 Computational Continuum Mechanics Introduction to Solid Mechanics 3
4 MCT004 High Performing Computing for Scientists and Engineers Basic science, Mathematics, Engineering 3
5 MCT005 Product Design and Development Basic Programming and CAD 3
6 MCT006 Numerical Methods for Engineers Basic science, Mathematics, Engineering 3
7 MCT007 Mini Project - 3
8 MCT008 Paper Publication - 2



S.No  Course Code  Name of the Courses  Prerequisites  Credits
Eligibility: All Branches
1 MIE001 Patent Law for Engineers and Scientists - 3
2 MIE002 Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation - 3
3 MIE003 Design, Technology and Innovation - 3
4 MIE004 Entrepreneurship for Engineers - 3
5 MIE005 Innovation by Design - 3
6 MIE006 Innovation, Business Models and Entrepreneurship - 3
7 MIE007 Mini Project - 3
8 MIE008 Paper Publication - 2


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